Yves Lupitu was born on 6th February 1982, in Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo. His mother worked in the textile industry and his father was a politician. At an early age, Yves began to design clothes for his grandmother and her friends. At the tender age of 12, he was able to create African traditional dresses. This was an early sign where he showed his passion for fashion but was not yet committed. However, 14 years later, he was gradually able to rediscover his passion for fashion, due to adversaries in his life. As he realised he was obsessed with fashion, he began his studies
in fashion design in Paris, France.

Two years after graduating, Yves founded his label ‘YVES LUPITU’ which enabled him to express himself and gave him the confidence in presenting his first avant-garde inspired designs. On the 2nd February 2015, the designer opened his first-ever store in Dusseldorf, Germany. Also, Yves Lupitu seized he’s chances in presenting he’s collections in several fashion shows, with the most notable one being in 2016 in Paris, France.

In 2017, he focused on creating a platform of a Basic clothing line collection ‘IBL’. The brand has a  collaboration collection with the famous basketball player Bismack Biyombo from the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA. The designer is sure to carry out measures to ensure that it would be more reputable for the future.


The brand reflects its designer’s personality and behavioural traits. His straightforwardness combined with an extravagant unique style is typical of his creations. Yves' has been widely inspired by designs of famous clothing brands such as YOHJI YAMAMOTO, JEAN PAUL GAUTHIER and ANN DEMEULEMEESTER which he also implements into his collections. Yves designs have an avant-garde and urban theme to theme ensuring the standard of the quality is always at its best. He is also keen to experiment with different fabrics as he believes being versatile gives him an advantage. Moreover, the IBL (INDEPENDENT BASIC LINE), which Yves has added to his collections, this is a line that focuses on basic styles that is suitable for people of different backgrounds.


Yves Lupitu's always wanted to give back to his community, therefore he founded his foundation ‘YVES LUPITU FOUNDATION’ in 2018. The foundation would enable young children and adults of his homeland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to receive better care and education for the future. Since creating the Yves Lupitu Foundation it has helped a lot of people in the Congo into gaining sufficient opportunities